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Real people Real results.

Growth Rx
I use Growth-Rx because . . . I’m leaner now than when I was in my 20s.

Muscle Rx

"It helps me burn fat all day long."

“Since I’ve been using Muscle Rx, I’m the ‘hero’ of the gym. Guys want my secret formula for my new, energized body. I know I’m burning fat faster and longer. Thank you, I feel like a young man again.”

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Because I hate the foggy feeling
that comes with a hangover!”

“I take Alcohol-X even before I start my evening, because I hate the foggy feeling that comes with a hangover!”


Mr. Energy 8 Hour
A shot of vibrant energy!”
"Totally Awesome Energy! That’s what I experienced when I used Mr. Energy 8 Hour Energy! The shot of vibrant energy I received was like getting a couple of extra hours in my day! Thanks for helping me to increase my productive hours!"


Bhelliom News

New Mr Energy 8-HR Energy Display Racks

Mr Energy 8-HR Shot Dsplay Rack

Boca Raton, FL, August 5, 2010 -- Bhelliom Energy Products now offers wire display racks as a POS sales tool for its distributors and retailers. The two new racks allow for greater versatility and presentation of Bhelliom Energy Products' Mr Energy lineup as well as other Bhelliom products such as Vigor-EX and Pleasure Pill.

The Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shot rack allows for display of 3 Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shot displays. The three tier rack can hold 36 2oz shots.

The Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Mix Rack allows for display of two 12ct Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shot displays as well as two 24ct Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Pills displays. Now allowing your customers both Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shots and energy pills in the same POS display.

Distributors and retailers contact their reps for more details.

Mr Energy 8-Hr Energy Mix Rack

Mr Energy 8 Hour ENERGY Shot Revealed

Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shot Display

Boca Raton, FL, June 1, 2009 -- After much anticipation, Bhelliom Energy Products has unveiled the new Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shot. This new 2 oz energy shot delivers all the energy of the popular Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY pills in this delicious easy to drink shot.

Bhelliom Energy Products has infused this new Mr Energy 8-HR ENERGY Shot with the world renowned Açaí berry as part of its Energy Berry Blend making this truely a one of a kind new product. This "Crash-Proof Technology" truely delivers a full 8 hours of energy allowing this Super Energy Shot to give you "Time in a Bottle.

For more information visit:
8 Hour Energy Shot

Mr Energy 8 Hour ENERGY Shot



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